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I was very ill and close to dying in 2002. I suffered from diabetic neuropathy, severe stomach pain, internal bleeding for several years. Dr. Lam kept coming to my home; he did not give up on me. Through acupressure and medical qigong therapy, the symptoms have vanished, my health is greatly improved and I am my old self again. Now I see him once a month in Beverly Hill wellness center for health maintenance
---- Sue H, San Monica

At age 60, many people commented that I looked younger. I owe Dr. Lam for giving back my health and strength. He treated me in April, 2002, when I seek his help for impotency, hair lost, poor eye sight, and ringing in the ear. Base on the Mind-body abdominal deep tissue massage by him, and knowing the message behind my problem. I integrated Body, Mind, and Soul toward optimal health. Now I can see clearly, hair is growing back, and impotency is no more an issue. Thanks for Dr. Lam's patience and compassion. I felt like a new man with new vision and hope for my life
---- K. L., Diamond Bar

In just over a month of receiving abdominal massage in the massage clinic for my asthma and stomach issue, I lost three inches from my waist. During this process, and still to this day , I experience increased energy & libido, better digestion, regular bowel movements, more flexibility.can bend down to tie my shoes, wear my favorite clothing, look & feel great, have a better self-esteem and sense of well-being
---- Shane Hipfel, San Diego


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